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                                         MIDWIFERY CARE

At Surrey Mama Midwifery, we work in a Shared Midwifery Care model.

We will be taking turns being on call, and take turns seeing you for your prenatal visits so we can all get to know each other well, prior to your birth.

We all have in common a shared midwifery philosophy of women- and family–centered care, evidence-based practice and a holistic viewpoint. We also take time to discuss your individual needs for your care and your birth.

We share call so that the midwife you call to your labour is well-rested, and able to make good clinical decisions in addition to attending to your needs. Shared call also allows your practitioners to have healthier work-life balance. For these reasons and to preserve cohesiveness within our midwifery practice, we are unable to comply with requests for you to choose the midwife you would like to attend your birth.

We welcome your feedback and our goal is to facilitate you having a good birth experience.

Better Care is Our Mission

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