At Surrey Mama Midwifery, we work in a Shared Midwifery Care model.

We will be taking turns being on call, and take turns seeing you for your prenatal visits so we can all get to know each other well, prior to your birth.

We all have in common a shared midwifery philosophy of women- and family–centered care, evidence-based practice and a holistic viewpoint. We also take time to discuss your individual needs for your care and your birth.

We share call so that the midwife you call to your labour is well-rested, and able to make good clinical decisions in addition to attending to your needs. Shared call also allows your practitioners to have healthier work-life balance. For these reasons and to preserve cohesiveness within our midwifery practice, we are unable to comply with requests for you to choose the midwife you would like to attend your birth.

We welcome your feedback and our goal is to facilitate you having a good birth experience.


 Our vision is Exceptional Woman- Centred Midwifery Care for every one.


 Our mission is to promote an excellent empowering birth experience for women and their families with compassionate continuity of care and support during pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum . We deliver high quality evidence- based midwifery care with respect to every woman equity , dignity and diversity.

We Work in Collaboration with Physicians, lactation consultants, Doulas, acupuncturists and counsellors to provide optimal midwifery care.

Core Values

  • Excellence

 Dedicating to excellence in comprehensive Midwifery care . We are committed to upholding the highest clinical and ethical Midwifery standards, professional responsibility, accountability, and integrity.

  • Quality

Providing the highest quality of midwifery care through evidence based guidelines and best practice standards. We are committed in promoting optimal care for women and their babies.

  • Woman- Centred Care

Respecting each woman’s right to dominion over her own health and care. Within a relationship of respect, compassion, informed consent and shared decision-making, we encourage and support the preservation of normal pregnancy and birth.

  • Respect

 Respecting and embracing human dignity, diversity and equity in every facet of our work with clients and colleagues.

  • Compassion

Being compassionate is fundamental to our work. We care about the health and well-being of one another and those we serve.

  • Advocacy

Representing women’s voices and choices on healthcare. We are also committed in promoting the visibility and recognition of the value of midwifery care and midwifery profession.

  • Innovation

Enhancing excellence through knowledge and innovation. We believe in innovation and ongoing learning from one another and from the experiences of patients and families. This provides the best care for women and families.

Excellent Empowering Birth Experience Is Our Mission

24/7 service

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