Perinatal Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in pregnancy and postpartum

Visiting a physiotherapist while prenatal, pregnant, or postpartum can help both with the prevention and treatment of pain and pelvic issues caused by pregnancy as well as aid in recovery after childbirth.

Here are some of the reasons why women should visit a physiotherapist during pregnancy:

 Physiotherapy for Pregnant Women
Physiotherapists can work with women to help them prepare their bodies for pregnancy, ensuring they are aligned and ready to carry a baby. Pregnancy can add further strain and pain if your body is already compensating for previous injuries.

The physiological changes that come with pregnancy include an increase in body mass, retention of fluid, and laxity in supporting structures. These changes cause postural adaptations such as an alteration in the loading and alignment of the spine and weight-bearing joints that often push back and pelvic pain associated with pregnancy.

Core stability training with a physiotherapist is one way to help prevent and treat back pain during and following pregnancy.

 Physiotherapy Assists with Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
Throughout pregnancy and labor, a women’s pelvic health can be compromised. Physiotherapists have specific training to assess the muscles, connective tissues, and nerves on the pelvic floor.

Some conditions that can arise from trauma to a woman’s pelvic floor include incontinence, pain during intercourse, and pelvic organ prolapse.

After a woman has had a baby, an assessment and a rehabilitation plan will assist in recovering her pelvic floor.

Please note we do not have this service in our clinic anymore and you can find related services in BlueSky Physiotherapy in North Vancouver if you are interested in having prenatal physiotherapy.

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