First six weeks Post partum care

 The first six weeks with your baby can be a real roller coaster! Although you feel excited to meet your baby, you may also find it challenging. You may have mixed feelings of elation, exhaustion, worry or relief. All of these feelings are completely normal, and you can discuss all of them with your midwife, who will care for you and your baby for six weeks after the birth (this is called postpartum care). During this time, your midwife will provide guidance around how to care for your baby and yourself during this special time in both of your lives.

Regardless of where you give birth at home or hospital or you followed up with a doctor or obstetrician for your pregnancy and birth, our midwives will provide care in your home within 48 hours of discharge from hospital. You will have about six midwifery appointments during the six weeks following the birth, including a few in the first week. Midwives monitor both your and your baby’s health and provide breastfeeding support. They will ensure you’re recovering well, both physically and emotionally.

In caring for your baby, midwives will perform newborn screening for metabolic disorders as well as physical examinations, including checking weight, length, heart, lungs, and how the umbilical stump is healing.

After six weeks, you and your baby will be discharged from midwifery care and will see a family doctor for your baby’s care. You are welcome to call us for your next pregnancy. We would love to see you again.

If you are seeing your Obstetrician or family doctor for pregnancy and birth and would like our midwives to take care of you and your baby after birth. Pls call our clinic as soon as you gave birth while you are still at the hospital.

Post Partum Birth Control

Postpartum birth control is used to prevent unintended and closely spaced pregnancies in the first 12 months after giving birth. Postpartum birth control is particularly important as pregnancies during this period hold the greatest risk for mother and baby.

Breastfeeding can reduce your chances of getting pregnant, but it is not a true form of birth control and pregnancy can still occur while breastfeeding.


At Surrey Mama Midwifery, Midwife Mojgan Nadafi , offers a range of post partum birth control counselling such as, birth control pills, injections and IUD insertion. If your family is complete and you do not want to have any more children, you might consider a tubal ligation or Vasectomy for your partner. We could refer you to specialists if you would like these procedures .

We encourage women to get your birth control plans organised within first 4-6 weeks postpartum, as having a new baby is a busy time for families. Talk to Midwife Mojgan  at your clinic visit about postpartum birth control to find the best option for you.

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