Joyous Childbirth Prenatal Preparation (You Can Do It)

The BC Government is concerned about the escalating rate of C-Sections (Currently at 35% and rising). They are looking for ways to increase natural births. We developed the Solution!

Your Joyous Childbirth prenatal preparation is designed to prepare and empower you for a safe and easy childbirth. You will increase your confidence and gain the tools you need to assist you with having a healthy pregnancy and a joyous birthing experience. You can choose

  1. Online classes with weekly time for Q&A
  2. In-Person classes
  3. Personal Consultation for pregnancy/birth issues

Learn and get all your questions answered

  • Yoga poses and specific techniques that Prepare your Birthing Muscles and help you to manage Common Pregnancy Discomforts
  • 9 ways to Nurture and Care for your Unborn Baby
  • 7 ways your Partner can Support You during pregnancy and birth
  • 3 Powerful Methods to Clear All your Fears so you can Stay Relaxed
  • 4 Little Known Strategies that ensure your Positive Birthing Experience
  • Unexpected Birth Situations and 3 Effective Coping Strategies
  • Self and Newborn Care After Birth

Gurjeet S Minhas is a registered nurse teaching on the Birthing Unit and a University Nursing Professor, with master’s degrees in Nursing from Mumbai, India and Sydney, Australia. She uses her 30+ years of experience, helping over 4,320 women have healthy birth experiences and her wisdom, gathered from India, Australia, New Zealand, U.S. and Canada, to assist pregnant women with valuable, useful information and techniques for a safe pregnancy and childbirth.

She is a distinctive authority in the field of prenatal education with over 57,600 hours of experience and has an unusual ability to calm even the most stressed pregnant woman, while substantially increasing her confidence in giving birth. She identifies patterns that limit and restrict the woman’s ability to give birth, and subsequently facilitates the implementation of strategies and techniques to assist her in preparing for an easy childbirth.

To minimise the rising C-section rates, Gurjeet started the Joyous Childbirth movement to teach pregnant women to maximise their own strengths and build their capacity for an easy childbirth.

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